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In short, a feast of all things pet related!

If dogs are your passion, you can enjoy watching pure bred hounds strut their stuff at two all breeds championship shows: chat to dedicated breeders committed to the future of their respective breeds, and engage with experts ready to answer questions pertaining to health, nutrition, behavioural issues
etc. Agility dogs in action in the big ring will leave you marvelling at their stamina and speed, while shopping up a storm for the hounds at home may leave your purse depleted!


Cat enthusiasts will enjoy two all breeds cat shows; on hand expertise to answer a variety of feline related questions and of course, all that shopping! If you have dogs and cats at home, well, you have plenty of time to budget!

The increasing popularity in reptiles as pets in recent years means that a dedicated team of experts will be present to answer questions pertaining to the special skills, needs, diet and habitats required for this category.


As more exhibitors come on board with us, we will be sure to keep you posted on these developments. We have taken cognizance of all your requirements and ample parking; superb catering options as well as chill out areas are planned affording you time to regroup, refresh and check your step count for the day!ole they play in society.