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Organic & Natural Product Expo opens door for SMMEs

The Organic & Natural Product Expo is being held in Johannesburg from 21st to 23rd October, and is looking more and more like becoming a flagship annual event for the continent.  Interest from industry bodies both locally and internationally as well as government development agencies is opening the door for SMMEs to participate on the same stage as established multinational companies.  “We realised early on that the sector is dominated by small businesses and as such we kept the cost per square meter as low as possible, at least R1000 per meter squared cheaper than any other expos” says exhibition organiser John Thomson. “This coupled with support from a number of provincial development agencies has enabled participation from across the industry” continues Thomson.

With the event industry shutting down over the COVID years, various sectors have been hard hit by a lack of business events stimulating economic activity. “The organic & natural product sector is one where a face-to-face environment is not only beneficial, its essential.  The products require tasting, smelling, touching and more to truly understand them in order to decide to buy.  This can only happen face-to-face” says Thomson.

Like all sectors in need of stimulation, the Organic & Natural sector stands to gain significant momentum via this event.  With the potential to become the meeting place for organic & natural stakeholders from across the continent, the inaugural Organic & Natural Products Expo is a must for the 2022 calendar.

Companies wanting to exhibit can contact John Thomson on [email protected] and are advised to do so urgently as space is selling out fast.  Companies wanting to get involved in areas such as the demo kitchen, food & Bev catering and conference auditorium can get in touch with Warren Hickinbotham on [email protected]