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Double your warehouse and cold store capacity without adding another square metre.
Since the installation of the first Storax mobile system was installed in Lusitania’s Hermanus cold Store in 1991, there are now over 220 Storax mobile racking systems operating in cold stores and warehouses in and around Southern Africa making Barpro Storage SA a leader in mobile storage solutions.

Storax mobile racking can be designed to fit in either new or existing warehouses and cold stores where space is usually limited. Mobile racking substantially increases the amount of pallets while still allowing immediate access to each pallet stored.

For technical assistance, we have technicians available telephonically 24/7 based at our Cape Town and Johannesburg branches. Our Cape Town workshop manufactures spares locally and can dispatch within 48 hours in the case of emergencies.

Our client listing includes:
AGS Frasers
Breco Seafoods
BRM (Barbeque Rib Manufacturers)
Commercial Cold Storage Logistics Company
Irvin & Johnson Limited (I&J Ltd)
Kromco (Pty) Ltd
Eskort Limited
Ceres Fruit Growers
Sovereign Foods
Grain Field Chickens
Sparta Foods
Tuffy Brands
Tswana Pride, Botswana
Vector Logistics

Barpro Storage SA are the exclusive importers and distributors of Delf Freezer Wear for Africa. Made from a special fibre blend which includes hollow fill fibres trapping air for greater warmth and ensuring your cold store workers are protected and productive in the coldest temperatures. 

Barpro Storage also supply the following products to cold stores and warehouses in Southern Africa:

Ice Melt 
Ice Melt is a white powder which heats the ice and melts it. The resultant slush can be removed easily by sweeping it away.  This eliminates the need for forceful removal of ice that damages the concrete surface. Ice Melt is packed in waterproof containers and is available in quantities ranging from 2kg to 25kg.

Febset 45
Febset 45 is a specially formulated cement based product which provides a repair material for concrete slabs. Once applied the product reaches an adequate strength for trafficking, or other use, within an hour. Barpro has used Febset 45 for some years to fix damaged cold and freezer room floors.

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Cold and freezer room shelving mnfrs
Warehouse racking mnfrs
Mobile warehouse racking
Logistics / Supply Chain Consulting

Ice Melt
Delf Freezer Wear