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Company Overview

Established in 1929, Cape Gate Fence and Wire Works is South Africa’s market leader in steel wire retail products. Their wide range of retail products are designed to move stock with maximum efficiency from distribution centre to store, from store warehouse to shop floor, and finally from shelf to till point. Cape Gate’s extensive range of high quality durable products, include standard as well as custom–designed products.

Key product ranges are materials handling trolleys, DC and supply chain solutions and shopping trolleys.

The company’s main factory is located just outside Cape Town, close to major air, sea and rail ports. This means that Cape Gate is well placed to serve both national and international markets.

The key products include:
• Shopping Trolleys and Hand Baskets
• Materials Handling Trolleys
• DC and Supply Chain Solutions


With a range of a dozen different shopping trolley designs, Cape Gate is able to offer the retailer a wide selection of trolleys to meet specific needs, from the smallest supermarket to the largest hypermarket. In addition to the patented Flexi shopper 3-basket trolley, their range extends from the 85 litre capacity trolley to the 235 litre heavy duty trolley for Hypermarkets and bulk shopping.

Cape Gate believes that the structural design of a trolley is paramount to the retail environment. They offer a complete range of tried and tested designs of the highest quality steel. In addition the steel is electro-plated and coated with a durable clear lacquer. On each of their specially designed trolleys they took care to stipulate the correct wire diameter and wire spacing to meet specific retail requirements.

One of the most important aspects of a quality trolley is its castors and wheels. Cape Gate uses only the finest castors and wheels that houses precision bearings in metal housing for the smoothest and most reliable performance.

Trolley handles and plastic components can be custom branded and 24 litre plastic hand baskets are available in a variety of colours.

The range of shopping trolleys includes:
• 85 litre, 100 litre, 130 litre, 180 litre, 210 litre and 235 litre trolleys
• Duplex Shopper
• Mini Shopper
• Flexi Shopper and Flexi Shopper Deluxe


Whether you are moving stock from the distribution centre to the shop floor or from the shelves to the till point, you want the material handling equipment, stock trolleys and shopping trolleys to be efficient, durable and reliable.

A quality brand is one that has stood the test of time and Cape Gate is one of South Africa’s market leaders in the steel industry with over 85 years of experience in delivering quality products and outstanding service to wholesalers and retailers throughout Africa.

Key products in this range include:
• Merchandising Trolley
• DIY Trolleys with flip-basket
• Flat Bed Trolleys


Whilst Cape Gate offers standard Rolltainer units they specialise in custom designed products that meet specific supply chain solutions.

Key products include:
• Four Sided Security Rolltainer
• Two Sided Rolltainer 

Product/Service Categories
• Shopping trolley and hand basket
• Rolltainers
• Stock trolleys

P.O. Box 17, Parow, 7499

Product/Service Categories
Special store display units incl. mobile racks
Shelving / gondola system mnfrs
Display Baskets
Shopping trolley and hand basket mnfrs
Stock trolleys

160 Litre Duplex Shopper
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Karri Flat Bed
4 Sided Security Rolltainer