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Company Overview

Kemtek Imaging Systems Holdings Limited is a leading supplier to the sub-Saharan printing, bar coding and labelling industries. Kemtek operates from branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth, and also boasts a dedicated export division. 

Kemtek Print Solutions focuses on providing state-of-the-art, end-to-end solutions to the print industry. 

Kemtek Bar Code Solutions is a major distributor of bar code equipment, including scanners, mobile computers, printers, thermal ribbon and rewinders. 

Kemtek Label Solutions' comprehensive product line-up ranges from basic hand-held printers for home use, to sophisticated PC-driven desktop office and industrial printers. 

Kemtek focuses on providing complete solutions to customers for all its printing needs. Our technical staff apply their academic and factory training to provide a comprehensive service that includes specifying and integrating existing systems with appropriate press solutions which can add production capacity as well as business solutions by reducing cost per copy and increasing profitability. 

Komori offers the market access to a range of the finest conventional printing presses for both sheet fed and web offset printing. HP Indigo offers a full range of digital press solutions for industrial and commercial uses. We have a range of presses to suit needs from small specialist to large commercial and industrial printers up to A1 for sheet fed and 32-page for web offset, as well as a range of offset and gravure packaging presses with in-line finishing options.

A new and exciting addition to our printing equipment is the Scodix digital print enhancement equipment, recently awarded the Best Production Printing Device at the European Digital Press Association. 

Bar Coding
Kemtek Imaging Systems is one of the leading distributors and providers of bar code scanning equipment in Southern Africa. Bar codes are universal in distribution and use, from the supermarket to the factory floor, throughout the supply chain and even on ID books and car licences.

To facilitate the understanding of how these bar codes work, a brief explanation on the process follows:

•             Bar Codes are in effect like a printed version of Morse code. Different bar and space patterns are used to represent different characters. Sets of these patterns are grouped together to form a “symbology”.

•             There are many types of bar code symbologies, each having its own special characteristics and features.

•             Most symbologies were designed to meet the needs of a specific application or industry. For example, the EAN/UPC symbology was designed for identifying retail and grocery items. These ubiquitous codes are found on virtually every item in the local supermarket.

•             The purpose of these symbologies is to allow the various types of bar code scanner to quickly and accurately read and transmit the encoded data to a host system.

•             Bar code scanners present the decoded data to the host system in the required format to allow the system to utilize the information transmitted.

•             This electronic interpretation of printed bar codes eliminates human errors in transcribing data required in a system, such as a point-of-sale operation in a supermarket.

•             With the speed and accuracy obtained by bar code scanning, the time taken to gather information is substantially reduced.

The labelling division of Kemtek Imaging Systems was launched in 1990.  The division performed so well, that in 1994 Kemtek secured the sole Brother Electronic Labelling agency for sub-Saharan Africa.

The range has grown from one or two entry-level machines initially to about 15 different machines today, ranging from very basic, affordable hand-held printers for home use, to sophisticated PC-driven desktop printers for office and industrial uses.  Brother has since added the exciting QL-700 and QL-720N printers to their range, which print a variety of labels on thermal paper or thermal film for office and factory applications.

Brother P-Touch Electronic Labelling systems are easy to use and cater for everything from the home or small office to large, automated professional systems for industry and commerce.

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