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Compelling operational benefits drive growing retailer interest in electronic shelf labels

NEC XON is the exclusive African partner of Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESLs). ESLs are small, digital price displays that ensure no price discrepancies between shelves and tills, they bolster operational efficiencies, cut costs, reduce out-of-stocks, improve ordering, divulge well or poorly performing products instantly and, most importantly, enforce category management disciplines. They do so by placing digital price tags at shelves that receive information directly from local or head office ERP or other back-end systems. The labels communicate back to the system to ensure information has been received correctly. They appear to be a fairly simple solution yet they resolve several retail issues elegantly and allow retailers to not only survive in a harsh economic environment but to also prosper.

Managing stock and ensuring availability while being able to ascertain which items are more in demand and which less so gives retailers an enormous competitive edge over stores run on gut feel or those with managers who must spend time interrogating reams of paper.

Retail store owners find that the system for attaching ESLs to the shelves has an enormous impact on category management. Labels are securely attached and cannot be simply moved or removed. It hinders unscrupulous merchandisers and that means in-store stocks are always tightly managed and controlled leading to high product availability and dependable profits.

As a result ESLs are becoming increasingly popular at retailers and with their suppliers in sub-Sahara Africa. There are over 300 retailers using the system and in excess of 3,2 million ESLs are in use. They are most popular with retailers in South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Swaziland as the burgeoning African retail market must now compete with international stores, processes and methodologies.

Pricer’s system is one of the top systems in the world and updates over 80 000 labels an hour. Although typical hypermarkets have 60 000 labels not all of them are updated daily. However, it’s important to be able to rapidly update batches for a variety of operational reasons. Speedier updates also make stores more efficient, which translates into even better cost savings.

The Pricer ESLs have a battery life of five to 10 years before they need replacing which cuts down on maintenance and running costs.

NEC XON has a national and African footprint to enable wide ranging implementations, support and maintenance.

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