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Company Overview

Infection Protection Products (pty) Ltd,

Providing protection against viruses and ever-present germs has been the decades-long mission of Infection Protection Products, a 30-year old proudly South African manufacturer that is best known for its Sani-touch range of products including the Sani-touch Saniwipes trolley and hand sanitising wipes found at the entrance to retail stores across the country. Saniwipes were the first trolley and hand sanitising wipes available in the country.

The new green recyclable Saniwipes – the power to protect – not only the consumer but also the environment through our sustainability program designed to assist the retailer in closing the recycling circular economy.

The locally manufactured Sani-touch range of products includes a wide range of sanitising and hygiene products to cater for every need. The range includes Sanispray and Medigiene sanitisers – the only SABS marked sanitisers going into the Covid-19 pandemic – which contain highly effective scientific formulas typically used in the medical environment including hospitals, clinics, and emergency and blood services.

A number of the Sani-touch products – including the Saniwipe trolley wipe, Sanispray and Medigiene sanitisers - have been tested and approved by the European Union standard EN14476 for efficacy against Covid-19.

Using only high-quality and approved ingredients, all products are manufactured in an ISO 13485 accredited facility to optimum quality standards. Infection Protection Products have a medical device manufacturing and distribution licence from the medical regulatory body, SAHPRA, as well as being registered with the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS).

Cleaning cloths are available plain or colour coded, with pictures for easy and effective HACCP system implementation. Sustainable biodegradable cloths allow for disposal with food waste to be included in composting systems.

Infection Protection Products is a proud, family-owned business. Ethics and high standards are a cornerstone of our company culture. The philosophy underpinning the business has always been to produce the best quality products, at the best possible price, using the best possible raw materials. Complying with the highest quality standards, including local and international regulations has been an integral part of the business which has proved beneficial throughout the Covid pandemic.

Trolley wipe stands are supplied to stores to dispense Saniwipes.


·         High alcohol wipes

·         Detergent disinfectant wipes

·         Alcohol free wipes

·         Sachets

·         Sanitisers (high alcohol - SABS 490 & SABS 1853)

·         Touchless and manual dispensers

·         Medical and food safe soaps

·         Stabilised Chlorine tabs

·         Cleaning cloths (colour coded  picture cloths)

·         Ozonator air purification units 

31 Susan Street, Strijdom Park, Randburg

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Food prep - hygiene and cleaning equipment
Access control systems
Sanitary hygiene equipment and services
Shopping trolley and hand basket mnfrs

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Zonki Cloths
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