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Company Overview

Wanzl, the world's largest shopping trolley manufacturer, is now represented in southern Africa by local partner, Wandi Trolleys Pty Ltd.

With annual production around 3.0 million units, across a variety of models, Wanzl sets the standard for quality and comfortable shopping that leads to increased sales to shoppers. Top Assist keeps a complete range of spares in South Africa and provides after sales maintenance services.

Wanzl, now a partner of international retail chains has also brought its outstanding quality to new applications in other industries as well.

At the core of our work are solutions that meet individual customer needs and satisfy demanding requirements. This approach has made the company a successful business and has allowed the original metal goods factory to develop to its current scale.

Millions of trolleys are in daily use as a matter of course. To date, we at Wanzl alone have manufactured and sold more than 25 million trolleys worldwide.

We currently manufacture many different models available in basket volumes from 22 to 315 litres and perfectly tailored to individual ranges of goods.

Our products include:

Shopping Trolley Series

Shopping and transport trolleys

Service Trolleys

Tidy Systems

Shopping Baskets

Wanzl Castors

The selection of sales aids at Wanzl is as varied at the product ranges in stores: presentation, adapted to the needs of the goods category in form, colour and material, and presented to customers for their maximum convenience.

Each individual solution is the result of decades of experience across all branches of commerce. The sales success of our market partners speaks for itself

Unit 9-11, Grasso Business Park, 4 BP Road, Montague Gardens 7441

Product/Service Categories
Traffic Counter Systems
Access control systems
Turnstiles - customer / staff
Trolley Locks
Special store display units incl. mobile racks
Shopping trolley and hand basket mnfrs
Shelving / gondola system mnfrs
Display Baskets
Stock trolleys
Castors and wheels

Shopping Trolleys
Shopping Baskes
Pick by Frame