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Company Overview

StegTech provides products and services that help retailers sell more. 

To achieve this for our customers, we seek out the best of breed partners with innovative, robust and cost-effective solutions.

We pride ourselves on using the latest management tools and technologies to ensure that we deliver these products and services to our customers in an efficient, auditable and economic manner. 

We offer the following services:

Checkouts and Self-Checkouts

Exclusive checkout supplier to Pick n Pay since 2016. The checkouts are designed by Pan Oston in the Netherlands, and, under license, manufactured locally in South Africa. The checkouts’ bent steel design is cost-effective and highly robust.


StegTech offers a wide range of kiosks to fit the various needs and environments of our customers in retail, hospitality and fast food. The kiosks are designed in the Netherlands by Pan Oston, and manufactured, under license, in South Africa. Our kiosks are of bent steel construction rendering them reliable and economical.


StegTech locally represents Nedap Retail. Nedap is considered the global leader in RFID technology for in-store inventory and supply chain management. We collaborate with our customers to ensure that every RFID implementation guarantees a significant return on investment. 

Electronic Article Surveillance

StegTech are leaders in RFID-based loss prevention systems as well as traditional remotely-managed electronic article surveillance.

Open Display

StegTech manages the supply, installation and support of class-leading, cost-effective open display systems. These offer protection for cell phones, tablets, laptops and other consumer electronics.

Electronic Shelf Labels

StegTech supplies industry-leading electronic shelf labels and cloud-based management platforms. We are committed to providing our customers with solutions that suit their needs and budget.



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Electronic Shelf Edge Labels
Electronic article surveillance
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Blue Fire - Fast Order Kiosk
Essence Sco -Tegut Teo DE
EAS security tags and labels