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Company Overview

StegTech provides products and services to assist retailers in selling more.

To achieve this for our customers, we seek out the best of breed partners with innovative, robust and cost-effective solutions.

We pride ourselves on using the latest management tools and technologies to ensure that we deliver these products and services to our customers in an efficient, auditable and economic manner. 

We Offer the following Services
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Ensure product availability and sell more
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Electronic Article Surveillance
Reduce shrinkage and sell more
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Open Display
Engage with customers and sell more
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Electronic Shelf Labels
Keep prices relevant and sell more
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Process transactions without a sales associate and sell more
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Improve customer experience and sell more 
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Customer Counting
Know who is in your store and sell more
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Queue Management
Service your customers and sell more

P.O. Box 411657, Craighall, 2024

Product/Service Categories
Electronic Shelf Edge Labels
Electronic article surveillance
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Blue Fire - Fast Order Kiosk
Essence Sco -Tegut Teo DE
EAS security tags and labels