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Company Overview

Water2go Specializes in water purification and water retail, we developed a unique system and structure over the last few years, which has overcome most of the obstacles related to the selling of purified water.

Our unique Water2go systems are proudly supplying purified water to consumers all over South Africa, Ranging from the Cape to the Northern parts of the Limpopo province, and everywhere in-between.

We Currently have 100+ Water2go units installed, and we are expanding on a monthly basis.

Specializing in water retailing systems for Large, medium and small retailers.

We offer unique solutions which remains affordable to consumers, yet profitable to the retailers.

With 100+ units installed to date, our products are proven and trusted.

There are many imitations on the market, but be careful when choosing a system for your store, the water-bar concept is much more than a purifier connected to a glass tank.... Our systems offer piece of mind together with your profits...

Glass Water refilling station with light industrial Reverse Osmosis Purifier, Large Pre-filtration, Custom Built Ozone system, with buffer tank and Automatic stainless steel booster system, together with safety filter and SABS approved flow counter, all in protective frame.(Systems may vary to individual needs, and demand)

We also specialize in larger projects such as:
Waste water treatment plants
Large scale purification Plants RO and Ultra filtration
Water softening systems, Sand and Carbon filtration
All above are custom built to customers specifications

Domestic Range
Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems
Water Dispensers / Water Fountains
Water Softeners

Safari 92, Private Bag X82102, Rustenburg, 0300

Product/Service Categories
Food prep - coffee / machine specialists
Water Coolers and Purifiers
Icemaker suppliers

Glass Water refilling station
Industrial Water Treatment Plants
Domestic Rang
Purified Water