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Company Overview

Outsourced big FMCG Key Accounting and Field Sales expertise turns regional and niche products national and mainstream.

Are you a marketer of niche products looking to play in the big boys space? Or,  a regional player looking to go national? Your challenge is twofold.

First, you need to provide a professional Key Accounts service to negotiate with the buyers.  Second, you need expert supervision of the field sales force that represents you in the stores.

Then there is the small question of cost. For regional or niche product marketers it may not be practical to hire these professionals as full time employees. Or, you may already have people in these roles that need development and guidance.

Enter Gavin Twiggs Consulting on the scene. Gavin has had over 30 years’ experience in key account sales, warehousing and distribution and managing field sales and merchandising teams and supervising administration.

His big FMCG expertise
During his time in the FMCG industry, Gavin worked for large corporates such as Dairymaid, Nestle and Clover.  He also worked for smaller manufacturers like Compass Bakery and Lamberti Biscuits

His extensive industry knowledge covers perishables and dry groceries as well as a sound understanding of the cold chain.

Gavin has excellent client relationships that are founded on trust and integrity. His natural ability to communicate and problem solve on all levels enables him to interact with clients across a broad spectrum, ranging from the level of directors down to buyers.
His noteworthy career achievements include: 

# Successfully managing the integration of Nestle with Walmart (Massmart) in implementing the joint business plan, and 

#  Pioneering of the field sales project at Nestle Ice Cream, which included the total restructuring of its Gauteng sales operations, and

# Management of national agents, and

# Managing of a staff compliment of over 200 (including 4 depots).

Another achievement was heading up successful special projects in the sales and customer services arenas. He was appointed by his peers and company executives to head up a Category Account Management forum whose function it is to bring about innovative and effective changes to customer strategies. This included customer change management that was vital during the Nestle SAP implementation.
Gavin Twiggs Consulting Services

Today Gavin puts the skills and expertise he developed during his career at the disposable of niche and regional manufacturers. His services include:

1) A key Account service Or, the upskilling and co-ordination of existing key account and field sales supervision role players.

2) Build on existing and develop new key retail supermarket accounts throughout through effective business development activities and client relationship management

3) Supervise the interaction between Key Account, Field Sales and Merchandising activity with Finance, Marketing, Production, warehousing and distribution. For example to ensure that production knows what it has to produce to meet promotions organised with retailers by Key Accounts.

4)  See that the trade marketing strategies developed are implemented and executed by Key Accounts, Field Sales & Merchandising.


P.O. Box 1215, Olivedale, 2158

Product/Service Categories
In-store promo & demo services
Distribution / Logistics - Third-party
Sales & Merchandising - Third-party
Key Accounting - Independent / Third-party

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