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Company Overview

Our coalition rewards program is based on a simple Cashback rewards system. The customer receives Cashback on every transaction, accumulating instant rewards, while simultaneously giving the retailer insight into shopping habits and improving consumer communication.

Marketing Platform

We provide a marketing platform that empowers the retailer to:

·        Communicate with customers via SMS and Email.

·         Setup basket size/ product cashback incentives.

·         Setup a tiered rewards structure.

·         Automated competitions.

Bank your change

Infinity is at the forefront of innovation, introducing bank you change. Customers will now be able to bank their change on their loyalty card, enhancing their experience. For the retailer, bank your change is the bank guarantee of customer retention.

Partner & Cardholder App

We have developed a partner app to allow retailers to track business performance, communicate with cardholders and to manage any cardholder queries.

No need for a physical loyalty card, customers can use our cardholder app as a substitute for a physical card. The cardholder app can also be used to register the card, change cardholder information and obtain access to their transaction history.

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