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Company Overview

IntelliAcc Systems (Pty) Ltd is a retail software company that offers retail store owners all the tools they will need to make their store smarter. With over 10 years of experience and over 800 stores making use of our software, IntelliAcc is a safe choice when it comes to choosing your retail software partner.

Software offerings

EasyAcc – Accounting Software
Designed to integrate with supported POS systems, EasyAcc is the definitive retail accounting solution.

EasyAcc is web-based, which makes it possible to access your accounting information from anywhere in the world. This also means no need for any software installations and updates. EasyAcc will always be up to date.

With an arsenal of reports designed by retail store owners, you will have access to all the information you could ever need in a report. Export your own detailed financial reports at the click of a button.

Receive world-class customer support from our specialised support team, which ranges from retailers, auditors, accountants, retail systems experts and engineers. Look forward to speedy and expert assistance for your queries.

IntelliView – Real Time Data
Know exactly what is happening in your store with a wealth of live information just one click away.

Real-time tracking of every single transaction. You can use powerful search and filtering tools to find specific products, cashiers, till slips, descriptions or many other criteria.

You will have access to real-time reporting on voids, returns, time periods between scans and other important analytics. This empowers you to monitor cashier productivity and allows you to identify possible fraudulent transactions early.

Product information that is easy to access and useful to make decisions. Know key information like when your first and last of a product is sold in a day, which products sell the most, top departments and product percentage of turnover.

IntelliDash – Instant Information On The Go
Keep an eye on your store’s financial information at your own convenience, on your phone or watch!

Have access to
valuable information to help make decisions on the fly. You can get information such as live sales figures, cash up, foot count and basket size.

With IntelliDash being available on both iOS and Android, you will be able to access your information from the majority of modern-day smartphones.

IntelliDash iOS has a handy companion Apple Watch App so that you can access important data straight from your Apple Watch.

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