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Do you want to make up to R20,000.00 extra profit a month?

Let us help you sell clean, safe drinking water on tap to attract more customers and increase profit.

Free Water Bar installations available for approved retailers.

We have nationwide coverage to give you access to this growth market with no upfront investment.

We understand the unique water challenges you face daily. There are a lot of companies selling Water Bars but very few with the size and experience to actually maintain the equipment and guide you to profitable water sales.

We custom design installations using the highest quality equipment to give you worry-free water sales.

With our all-inclusive service packages, we take the headache of servicing away by maintaining rental units at no cost to you.

There is no doubt our world is drowning in plastic. Almost 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute.  Be a part of the solution by eliminating unnecessary waste, before it happens. Help your customers reuse instead of throwing away.

Eliminate CO2 to transport water, plastic waste and increase profit with your own Water Bar. This could be the easiest way to grow your retail business.

Contact us today to join the global drive to reduce plastic waste.


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Water Coolers and Purifiers