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Company Overview

Our Vision and Values have helped us become a trusted and respected name nationwide. We are driven by passion and pride, providing the best value, systems, and service, while caring for our customers, employees, and the environment.   

Vision: To be trusted for providing quality products and superior service for our customers.  

Our Hybrid Sub-cooling System is the most cost effective and efficient energy system for supermarkets in South Africa
Solo Aircon & Refrigeration Services has established an extensive customer portfolio throughout South Africa. Working with iconic food brands within the retail, food processing, agricultural and cold storage industries.  

Our latest projects have set off with remarkable results, we expanded our client base to huge scale Packhouse's where we have installed multiple coldrooms and refrigeration systems.  

Our new Hybrid Sub-cooling next-generation technology will give you a minimum of 30% reduction on your total electricity bill – guaranteed! And the extra saving can be as high as 41% when the refrigeration and air con systems are integrated under our new Hybrid Plus Sub-cooling technology  

High-tech refrigeration systems, with features like multiplex compressor racks and electronic expansion valves, save many South African retailers millions of Rands annually. Now, with breakthrough technology, we have dramatically increased that cooling efficiency even further.  

We specialize in:   

Solar panels  
Cold & freezer rooms
24/7 service & maintenance

At Solo Aircon and Refrigeration Services cc we have developed the expertise to provide an unrivalled array of industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning services.  

Solo Aircon and Refrigeration supply and install cold and freezer rooms designed to each customer’s needs; from small pantry-size cold rooms to cold and freezer rooms for wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants.   

For the agricultural sector, we can design, supply, and install cold   and/or freezer rooms for abattoirs and refrigeration Packhouse.   


Product/Service Categories
Cold and freezer room shelving mnfrs
Insulated Door Mnfs
Icemaker suppliers
Packaged refrigeration plant unit mnfrs
Cabinet night blind and curtain mnfrs
Cabinet display accessory mnfrs
Glass door mnfrs
Temperature recorder mnfrs
Air conditioning and ventilation mnfrs
Insulated panel mnfrs
Display cabinet remote mnfrs
Cold and Freezer Room Manufacturers
Refrigeration Contracting
Air conditioning and ventilation contracting
Refrigeration - independent specialist consultants
Compressor manufacturer agents
Cabinet Humidification & Misting
Humidity & Airborne Bacteria Control
Seafood live display units
Display cabinets self contained mnfrs