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Company Overview

Emerson is a leader in leveraging technology and expertise to create comfortable, controllable indoor environments, advance fresh and safe food throughout the cold chain as well as supply energy-efficient technologies for sustainable infrastructures.

Fresh From Farm to Fork:

Framing the cold chain as the journey all food and products take as they move from their original state all the way to the consumer’s plate. A reliable cold chain plays a critical role in food service operations overall and ensures the freshness of foods and other consumables – making cold chain operations and management and integral component of a cold chain’s success. As the world’s food supply increasingly becomes an international focus, Emerson will continue to provide innovative, never-been-done-before solutions that preserve the highest levels of food integrity while maintaining sustainable, profitable operations.

Cargo Monitoring Solutions

With the aim of reducing food waste, loss, and spoilage, Emerson’s Cargo Solutions expand on the company’s monitoring capabilities across each stage of the supply chain, providing temperature tracking, location visibility, and data analytics on the foods and consumables throughout their in-transit journey.

Temperature Monitoring Solutions

As an internationally trusted temperature partner, Emerson delivers factory-tested, ready-to-install temperature assemblies for reliable, accurate measurements regardless of how tough the applications. Emerson combines cargo management solutions with refrigeration expertise to automate record keeping and provide end-to-end reliability and traceability of perishable foods.

Emerson Copeland™ Refrigeration Technologies

As part of its focus on innovation for sustainability and efficiency, Emerson’s Copeland compressors are at the forefront of HVACR applications – providing efficiency, reliability, ease of installation, and varied horsepower capacities.

Whether retail, industrial, or commercial, the Copeland compressors offer our customer and partners with:

- The widest application and capacity range.

- Superior reliability and energy efficiency

- Expert distribution network and support

- Industry defining technology for performance-enhancing innovations.

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